WorkAbility 5 Rocks!


Hello Workability Region 5:

I hope you enjoyed our very productive two day business meeting. I was so proud of the participation, and ideas and groups still at it a 5:00. Very cool.

Another cool thing is that our region can have a website like this for about 7 dollars a month.

  • From here we can post our success stories,
  • employer testimonials,
  • FAQ’s,
  • individual site highlights and
  • connections to mentors…

Strategic planning is the formal consideration of an organization’s future course. All strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions:

1. “What do we do?”
2. “For whom do we do it?”
3. “How do we excel?”

During this year we would like to establish a committee to develop a REGION Five Strategic Plan that focuses on a information framework developed for training, and a Region 5 dedicated website home.

Please leave eave a comment below to show you have read this blurb and include the word “interested” to join the strategic planning committee that will put this website together. No technical background is necessary, just ideas on what we need to see on our site.


Your Rock Star Region Manager

Mary Sterling-Torretti…

(and Chris LeRoy) Did I get that right?

12 comments to WorkAbility 5 Rocks!

  • Lisa L :)

    Hi, Chris!!!!! I’m responding!

  • Tedra Trimm

    It was great. I’d love to help with the group.

  • Scott Smith-Vista Unified

    Hi Chris,
    I’m interested in participating in the project. I know I’m probably not the in first ten but I would love to listen to your new CD.
    1608 W. Knapp Dr.
    Vista, CA 92083

  • Hello team!!!
    Lisa snuck in a 1:35 right in front of Tedra, and Tedra is fighting mad!
    They both got their Dangers CDS before they hit the freeway.
    Scott Smith was third and his CD is going out in Saturday morning mail…

    This committee rocks!!!


  • Nina Poblete

    Really enjoyed the Workability gethering. We all rock.

  • Nina: Thanks! We appreciate the thumbs up!
    With your address comes the CD…

  • Greg Carl

    Thanks for all the good info. at the meetings, I bow to your greatness. Please let me know if I can be involved with your website project.Greg

  • So that is CDs for Lisa,Tedra,Scott,Nina and Greg, I will send out a couple dates for our website meeting,,,

  • Sandy Mortensen

    Great confernece. Thanks for the help Chiris as you can see I found it. I would like ot be on the comittiee. Have a great day.


  • Sandy Mortensen

    It was a great conference! Thanks for everyone that worked so hard. Our conferences rock!!! Thanks Chris for helping me connect. As you see it worked. I wouldlike ot be added to the comittiee fro the Action Planning.

    Sandy Mortensen

  • Great Conference! I like having a site and hope that dream bears fruit. FYI – My hubby and I LOVE watching SoA and we both remembered the scene with your music. How cool! When you come to our area you will have to get with him and “jam” .

  • CDs for Sandy and Heidi… Looking to jam in the desert!

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