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Thanks to everyone who contributed to my last theme (live albums). As I expected, I had plenty of recommendations including many different genres. Here’s another theme that could have endless possibilities – Movie Soundtrack albums.

I don’t care whether the movie itself was any good as long as it had a cracking soundtrack. So what should I listen to for the next couple of weeks? Give me some recommendations please.

Cheers, Paul

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  • Got a couple for you…

    Eddie and the Crusiers OS – John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band tearing through some Springsteen-esque songs. Pretty damn good even if the movie is a little cheesy.

    Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid – Bob Dylan’s score and songs from the film. Debut of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

    Wonder Boys OS – More of a collection of various tracks, but well chosen. Lots of Dylan plus Lennon/Van Morrison/Leonard Cohen.

  • The Longriders. One of Ry Cooder’s most interesting musical adventures into authentic 1870s music. AND you get David Lindley playing, too! It’s a hard soundtrack to find–at least it was–mine’s on vinyl. Not a great movie, lots of slow motion gunfights with the Carradine, Keach and the Quaid brothers. yet it beats that pathetic Brad Pitt/Jesse James film last year.

    Does the Concert for Bangladesh count?

  • There was one great thing about that soundtrack to the Brad Pitt film. The score was done my one of my favorite artists: Nick Cave. Although, when it comes down to Westerns… I’d put my money on Guy Pearce in The Proposition. That was based on a screenplay by my boy Mr. Nick Cave himself.

    Ry Cooder on the other hand, makes AMAZING scores. Southern Comfort with my man Powers Boothe comes to mind.

  • I don’t remember writing about The Longriders last night at 6:52 but it is a keen observation! Now are we limiting this to soundtracks and not scores? Film scores are a hidden treasure chest on their own. At the Disney Hall Thursday night I bought the Bernard Herrmann score to Mysterious Island…high adventure!

    If you open that door…and it looks like Garod and the other mystery Chris LeRoy already did, listen to..

    SPARTACUS Alex North
    CAPRICORN ONE: Jerry Goldsmith
    TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: Elmer Bernstein

  • The Baglady

    Sorry Chris!

    I was logged in under your name! I was impressed that you would write about a Western and then realized that it was ME!!!

    The Nick Cave soundtrack helped out that poor, poor movie. The Proposition was a much better film!

  • One of the first albums I ever bought with my own money was the soundtrack to the movie, F.M. which featured songs by Steely Dan, Joe Walsh, and Linda Rondstadt.

    More favorite soundtracks:
    Empire Records, Clueless, Trainspotting, Magical Mystery Tour.

  • Much love for Clueless. Not only did they have Cracker, but a fantastic soul shaking cover by the Counting Crows, and an acoustic version of the best song Radiohead ever wrote. Damn fine choice. Aaaaand World Party – another underrated band.

    It makes me think of one of my other favorite soundtracks. That would be Permanent Midnight. Most of the album is electronica such as Girls vs. Boys, but the best in the true singer-songwriter stuff. Art from Everclear contributes maybe his most personal track ever with Overwhelming that fits perfectly into the story of the film (drug addiction). One of my favorite bands of all time, Black Lab, contributed a bad ass electri/alt song Horses. Black Lab was moving aways from the guitar rock post grunge movement and delivered full force. My fav track is Lael Alderman’s (of the Bella Fayes) Cigarette. A completely stripped down love song describing the narrator as wanting to be his girl’s cigarette. Absolutely breathtaking. Finally you get a badass track from Gomez. Keeping with the drug addiction theme, it manages to overwhelm you with sound.

    And you should totally watch the movie tool. Ben Stiller plays a drug addicted screenwriter who trips out while writing Alf. The same writer would go on to be the head writer for CSI Jerry Stahl. Funny and moving.

  • Sounds like a really interesting movie. I’ll have to check it out.

  • How could I forget Whole Lotta Trouble from Empire Records…kind of s signature tune for me I think!! Sidebar: There is a great piano version of WLT by the Hoppers that I should post…

    More: BEST OF GODZILLA 1954-1975 on GNP CRESCENDO is a great compilation with the Akira Ifukube Main Title that carries on to the other films. See the original Japanese version as it is a much more serious work, a great meditation on the reality, and consequences of the nuclear bomb.


  • Without having the album, I liked Maximum Overdrive’s use of AC-DC throughout, it very much suited the film. Similarly, the Queen music in Highlander is great, especially Don’t Lose Your Head, Gimme The Prize, Princes of the Universe. They’re all on A Kind of Magic which is -basically- the Soundtrack.

    Juno’s soundtrack is pretty cute, if you like cute. Haven’t listened to any other soundtrack since Pulp Fiction, which goes without saying!


  • I love the movie of Ben Stiller which is There is something about mary, nice love story and comedy.`-:




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