Merry Christmas from The SongBook Highway!!!

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First off, headed into Christmas, I want to thank Jessica Breckenridge for her enormous help getting this site going. What a great dinner conversation back at Fi-Stock last September that moved us into this journey. Also, friend by friend we are starting to get the SongBook Highway family going. Folks like John Mockmore, and Garod and Diana G. and Laramie and Maria are coming by and making the connections that grow this place. We have many friends on Facebook, Twitter or myspace that haven’t found that this is our hub but by next year at this time…. To celebrate our new found friends we posted a couple Christmas tracks from Chris LeRoy, White Christmas and Christmas in Prison…

So have a safe holiday. Find a quiet spot and think good thoughts. Sing yourself to sleep at night
Thanks again, Jess!
—Chris LeRoy
So what have week this week up to Christmas?

MORST brings in the Monks of Doom. Paul Adams has his Christmas Song Invite. BigDave has videos from Cracker (Merry Christmas, Emily) and The Dangers (staying in the Blue Album spirit) and if you haven’t seen Rebecca Hickman’s last three book review of Christmas and Hanukkah and Home, well… you ought to go there right now.

Also as The Dangers new album (The Dangers/Blue Album) is on CD Baby, we want to show their rockinginest track, WALKING HIGHWAY 61. Chris LeRoy and Bob Vennum injected the production with that hint of what it is to see The Dangers live…

The Dangers: The Dangers

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