Morst Pick of The Week: A Digression


This week’s pick takes us back a couple years to a Festival show in Germany at a gig that a crumb said “. . .is the German Woodstock ;-)

Since he used the winking smilie, I’m not sure how to take that, but the show featured a cover song which Cracker doesn’t play very often. Since this is a direct soundboard recording, I will take the opportunity to rant for just a moment.

Soundboard recordings usually sound very clean, with loud and clear vocals. Sometimes this is a very good thing, and sometimes it’s not so good. The thing about direct sbd recordings is that they are almost never an accurate reproduction of what *anyone* in the crowd heard. Maybe if someone at the audio mixing console had the headphones on, it might have been close, but the loudness of the room on the skin would cause it to feel a very different.

Because the primary purpose of the mixing console is to make the live event sound good, whatever is not loud on stage gets added to the sound mix in large doses. Loud instruments like guitars are not even added to the mix in very small clubs or with very loud guitarists. Saw it happen just this week. Good thing I had audience mics in the air to capture what the show *really* sounded like!!

But I digress.

The pick this week is Up Against The Wall Redneck Mothers. “His family” is what made him what he is. These board tapes can be brutal I tells ya.

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