This week the songbook™ brings you Cracker + Camper = Cramper in Iraq!! You see  Cramper (David, Frank, Sal, Greg) recently toured US military bases in Iraq for 10 days  and we’re able to shoot some very cool footage. As you will see. This is the long form  remix of the Yalla Yalla video. [...]

40 Forever: 'Tis The Season

Saturday, December 5, 2009

‘Tis the season
Here are some great books about the winter holidays:

Christmas in New York by Chuck Fischer

Fischer, Chuck. Christmas in New York: A Pop-Up Book. New York: Bulfinch Press, 2005.
Buy this beautifully crafted pop-up book for your favorite New Yorker.

Rosen, Michael J., and Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. Elijah’s Angel: A Story [...]

Welcome To The Highway!

Because we dig it here is the newest Hoppers song, MOCKINGBIRD. It has garnered some great feedback so let’s hear it once more shall we?

Also check out our Categories for a road map to MORST’s MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK, 40 Forever’s next book review, bigDAVES’ VIDEO PICK OF THE WEEK, and Paul Adams Music [...]

BigDAVE's Video of The Week: Triple Threat!

This week bigDAVE™ brings you a triple treat from Camper Van Beethoven, and a little gem from the Counting Crows….. The first video is from campout 5 and it looks like it was shot from the front
row!! check out “Tania” ~ “Take the Skinheads Bowling” ~ “Bad Trip” with special guest David [...]

Paul Adams Listening Theme 19: Christmas

Listening Theme 19 – CHRISTMAS

Not long now, so I’m looking for your recommendations of Christmas songs/albums. There’ll be hundreds to choose from so I should be able to fill the 3 weeks leading up to the big day (as long as I can last out, I might be sick of Christmas once it arrives!).

Everyone should [...]