MORST Pick of the Week: Waka (mile in his shoes)

Skinny Morst says….
Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker made their way east this year, in an unprecedented continuation of their annual holiday run. What normally is three or four shows on the west coast at the end of December, has extended into a two week long SNOW TOUR. The first night of the tour was a particularly cold one in St Louis Missouri, at the excellent Pageant Theatre. Constructed especially for rock music, the club is set up with great sight lines and a very nice built in sound system. The show on January 8th kicked off with CVB and then after a setbreak, Cracker. CVB started off the year as I will here, with one of their instrumentals, entitled Waka. During the two nights I saw, (which may possibly be featured here) Camper played a lot of instrumentals, and Cracker played a lot of songs where Johnny Hickman sang lead. My theory is that this is to let David Lowery rest his voice a little, so he can rock with both his bands, night after night. Works for me!!!

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