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Monday, March 8, 2010

Puppetry and children’s librarianship

Believe it or not, puppetry can be serious business. (The University of Connecticut’s School of Fine Arts even offers a BFA degree in
!) Here are some academic books about puppetry:

Harris, John Wesley. The
Traditional Theatre of Japan: Kyogen, Noh, Kabuki, and Puppetry
N.Y.: Edwin Mellen
Press, 2006.

Jurkowski, Henryk, and
Penny Francis. A
History of European Puppetry
. Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press,

Bell, John. American
Puppet Modernism Essays on the Material World in Performance

York, NY: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2008.

Blumenthal, Eileen. Puppetry:
A World History
New York: Harry N. Abrams, Publishers, 2005.

Herbert, Mimi, and Nur S. Rahardjo. Voices
of the Puppet Masters: The Wayang Golek Theater of Indonesia
Foundation, 2002.

Ewart, Franzeska G.
Let the Shadows Speak: Developing Children’s Language Through Shadow

Stoke on
Trent, Staffordshire,
England: Trentham
Books, 1998.

Here are some more entertaining titles:

Anderson, Dee.
Amazingly Easy Puppet Plays: 42 New Scripts for One-Person Puppetry.

Chicago: American Library Association, 1997.
Nathanson, Bob, and Robert Garber. The
Diary of a Doll Wiggler: A Bob’s-Eye View into the Wacky and Wonderful
World of Puppetry

Vancouver, B.C.: Charlemagne Press, 2008.
*Bryant, Jill, Catherine Heard, and Laura Watson. Making
Shadow Puppets

can do it. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2002.

Puppetry and children’s librarianship go hand in hand.
Puppets are a great way to bring children’s literature to life, and they also help develop narrative skills in early learners. Here are some incredible puppeteers who have performed at our library:

And, of course, the award-winning Shermanettes!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Charles P. Ferro Foundation, tomorrow we are offering an amazing program for teenagers and adults:

and Jim Hammond’s DOG:
A Deceptively Simple Surreal Shadow Puppet

“The images in DOG range from playful to emotionally powerful. This deceptively simple shadow puppet play leads us through reinterpretations of 10 great works of art, in a surreal, non-linear world.”

I can’t wait!

*The instructions in the book Making Shadow Puppets are excellent, but mine are even easier.

will need these supplies:


lamp or flashlight

*cereal box
*sheet of thin white paper
*drinking straws

How to make puppets:
* Draw or trace a puppet shape directly onto
the cardboard.

* Cut the puppet
shape out of the cardboard.

Tape a straw to the back of each puppet piece.

How to make a stage:
*Cut a large rectangle out of the front and
back of a cereal box.

throw out the rectangles. You can use them to make

more puppets!)
*Turn the box onto its side.
*Tape the paper over the front side of the box.
(This side will face your audience.)
*Shine a light out from behind the stage.

Now you are ready to put on a show!

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