Morst's Pick of the Week: Time-Sick Son Of A Grizzly Bear

Back in November, I posted a song from a Mother Hips show when they opened for Backyard Tire Fire at Schuba’s in Chicago. But there were two nights. That’s two shows. That’s two picks. Here comes another. What will it be? In the months between then and now, Mother Hips’ new album Pacific Dust has [...]

bigDAVE's Video of the Week: Garod chooses HAL KETCHUM

Guest Host Garod brings us HAL KETCHUM-Hal Ketchum live from the Sprint Live Music Lounge

Garod Wayman:
One of my favorites… gotta love an old school singer-songwriter.

40 Forever:Puppetry and children's librarianship

Monday, March 8, 2010

Puppetry and children’s librarianship
Believe it or not, puppetry can be serious business. (The University of Connecticut’s School of Fine Arts even offers a BFA degree in
puppetry!) Here are some academic books about puppetry:

Harris, John Wesley. The
Traditional Theatre of Japan: Kyogen, Noh, Kabuki, and Puppetry.
N.Y.: Edwin Mellen
Press, 2006.

Jurkowski, Henryk, and
Penny Francis. [...]



13/03/1965 – Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week,” single goes #1 and
stays #1 for 2 weeks…

PLAN AHEAD: MARCH 10, 1973 Pink Floyd on The Dark Side (of the Moon)

March 10, 1973, the Pink Floyd album ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ was released in America, it spent over 740 weeks on the chart over a 14-year period.

Neighborhood CHRIS LEROY


Light blue flash from a cigarette
Don’t worry now if you haven’t yet
Dead string buzzing on a blond guitar
One eye closer to a distant star

Laughed from the moment you came around
Laughed at the devil as he pulled you down
Didn’t see it coming now I realize
I watched you burn right in front of my eyes

Sometimes a letter [...]

bigDAVE's Video of the Week: Cracker has Been Around The World


From: iamacracker2 |
March 05, 2006 |

Been Around The World is a jammer from any era Cracker. This pick form the BigDave FredRocksWilma’s YouTube Channel exemplifies how loose this band can be and still rock steady! Dig Johnny’s free range solo and miss the keyboards days…CL

PLAN AHEAD: This Day in Music MARCH 5

March 5
Patsy Cline was killed when her private plane crashed near Camden, Tennessee. Most often remembered for her hits, “Crazy”, “Walkin’ After Midnight”, “I Fall To Pieces” and “She’s Got You”, Cline’s Greatest Hits L.P. has sold over eight million copies, making it the largest selling female Country album of all [...]

InterViews: Johnny Hickman on Rock Guitar Daily with Tony Conley

InterViews: Johnny Hickman on Rock Guitar Daily with Tony Conley

Rock Guitar Daily with Tony Conley

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cracker’s John Hickman: “Hell yes, it’s all I ever want to do”

One day last week I saw an amazing video of John Hickman singing Another Song About the Rain, accompanied by David Lowery from their Cracker [...]