40 Forever: Driving In Circles


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Driving around in circles

Here are three great picture books about driving:

Alborough, Jez. Duck
in the Truck
. [New York]: HarperCollins Publishers, 2000.

Even though there aren’t any actual human beings in this story, one reviewer criticized it for having a “white, Eurocentric world view.” I say it’s just a wonderful cumulative tale with lots of great rhymes and funny illustrations.
Shaw, Nancy, and Margot
Sheep in a Jeep
. Middletown, CT: Weekly Reader Books, 1986.

These ovine sure know how to rhyme and have a good time. If you like Sheep in a Jeep, you will also enjoy Sheep on a Ship, Sheep Take a Hike, and my personal favorite, Sheep in a Shop.
Burningham, John. Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car. Harmondsworth, Middlesex:
Penguin, 1973.

When Mr. Gumpy’s car gets stuck in the mud, none of his passengers want to get out to help push. Pig has the best excuse: “I’ve got a bone in my trotter.”

And speaking of car trips .

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