Paul Adams Listening Theme 31- Germany

Listening Theme 31 – Germany

After an enjoyable week of listening to tracks used by The Kleptones for their double mash-up album Uptime/Downtime it’s over to Eric Kleptone to become my next guest theme-setter (Thanks Eric). His theme, German music: “from Schlager to Krautrock to Techno – oh and The Scorpions ;) “…

” Well the german stuff that really interests me is the Krautrock obv. Can, Neu!, Amon Duul II, Faust, La Dusseldorf, Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, the ubiquitous Kraftwerk etc… it’s quite a narrow range, but there’s some absolutely awesome music in there (alongside some real insanity). It’s also worth digging into german funk and disco (there’s a few great compilations of that stuff), soundtrack music (like Peter Thomas Orchestra), Punk, Metal, and of course the fine seam of quality German Techno (recommend the Tresor compilations as a good inroad of how things were back in 1992/3 – The second one completely changed the way I listened to electronic music when I first heard it!).”

This’ll be interesting. I couldn’t name many German bands I have to admit, so I’m looking forward (as always) to hearing new stuff.

As usual, any suggestions as to what I should listen to would be greatly received.

Cheers, Paul

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