Paul Adams Listening Theme: RAT PACK!

Listening Theme – Rat Pack/My Way

This week I’m going to listen to albums by the Rat Pack – Frank, Dean and Sammy. On top of that I’m in the mood for another music marathon…

In the way that I listened to 100 different recordings of White Christmas in December I’m going to attempt to listen to as many versions of My Way that I can. Not
sure I’ll make 100, but maybe 50? – what do you reckon? So what albums or tracks by these three (solo or collaborations) do you recommend? and can you think of any recordings of My Way that I might be interested in? (as with my White Christmas marathon I’m trying to stick with well known artists).

Also, how about joining me in this theme – for a day, half day or at the very least, one album. Who’s up for it? Just let us know what you’ve listened to.

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