Listen To The Band: STRANGER


The sun came up this morning

I am fading away
Last night as big as life
Growing faint in the day
Growing faint in the day

I left the window open

Is there a songbird near?
Pretty bird won’t you sing for me
Before we disappear? Before we disappear?

And you can be a [...]


Updated name… because we are mighty! THE MIGHTY GRASSHOPPERS!

So…. this prototype album art below will not work with old name, and when did that beard appear?

Chris will have to shave for the real album debut in September 2010….

Who wants a bumper sticker?

More information on Chris LeRoy’s new band THE MIGHTY GRASSHOPPERS [...]

Listen To The Band: Stranger by LEROY NEMETZ COLEMAN

Here you go…..

Morst’s Pick of the Week: ONE OF THESE DAYS…CVB!

MORST SHARES A PICK: Camper Van Beethoven Live at Northern Lights Theater on 2006-01-20

One of These Days had a timeless quality even in its original form. It remind me of the kind of phrasing and poetry David Lowery brought to songs from the very first cassettes he would pass around to music friends in [...]

bigDAVE’s Video of the Week: The Riverside

Rebecca Hickman submits this week’s video. Sez Rebecca…” More from the best backyard concert of the century. This song is from Cracker’s AWESOME album, Greenland.”

big DAVE elaborates…
FredRocksWilma — April 18, 2010 — On April 9th and 10th 2010, Matt and Kelly Lube opened their house up to the crumb nation, and Lubestock [...]

40 Forever:Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree

Tarshis, Lauren. Emma-Jean
Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree. New York:
Dial Books for
Young Readers, 2007.

Yesterday a woman came up to the reference desk with her 10 year old daughter, slammed down a copy of this book, and demanded, “Tell me who recommended this book to my daughter.” [...]