Paul Adams Listening Theme 38 – Summer

Listening Theme 38 – Summer


I’m going on holiday tomorrow (yippee!!) and as I’ve no idea if¬† I’ll get a chance to listen to any online music next week I thought I’d set this one and see what happens.

I simply want some suggestions for songs with ‘Summer’ or ‘Summertime’ in the title. There are some obvious ones but I particularly want some more obscure suggestions that I may not have heard before. So let’s have
some ideas and I’ll listen to what I can next week (and continue to get through the list when I get back).

So let’s have some ideas. Of course, tomorrow I’m going to have to start with Cliff’s “Summer Holiday”.

Cheers, Paul

2 comments to Paul Adams Listening Theme 38 – Summer

  • Summer is Over – Seven Mary Three
    Summer of Drugs – Soul Asylum (cover song)
    Summertime – Sam Cooke (and the living is easy)
    Summerland – Everclear (one of their best songs)
    Boys of Summer – Don Henley
    Knives of Summertime – Sparklehorse
    Idiot Summer – Gin Blossoms (I think this was on a soundtrack)

  • Hot Fun In The Summertime – Sly and The Family Stone

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