Morst's Archive Pick: Teen Angst

Acffh Mors

August 3 at 12:03am

In all my picks, I’ve never gone ahead, and selected one of Cracker’s most iconic songs. Teen Angst is what I always call it, the official title is Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now).

First song off the first album, and it manages to find its way into ALMOST every cracker set. So I figured I didn’t need to pick it. Well. Fine. OK. No. It’s time to select a version which was just pure bonus. The band played a festival on the 4th of July in Crystal Lake Il, northwest of Chicago. At the festival it was announced that the guys in the first band, and members of Cracker would be playing at a restaurant in town after the fest closed down. Having been alerted to this a few days in advance by a keen-eyed newshound Crumb (Thanks Erin!!) I was prepared, and able to document the late set by the Cracker Duo.

Three songs. Starting with Teen Angst. A funny, hot crowded room. Frank and Sal hanging out enjoying the show, David & Johnny up on stage for a few minutes. Americal’s birthday. Fuck Yeah.

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