Listen To The Band: BEST POWER POP of 2010...THE DANGERS

The Dangers put out “A Little Bit of Light,” the band’s
third album in as many years, this fall.
“A Little Bit of Light”
Hats off to The Dangers (Chris LeRoy, Bob Vennum, Brad Vaughn and Tim Loughlin) for putting out the best power pop record of 2010.
“A Little Bit of Light” is gem after gem — songs you can sing along to before each track ends. The music falls somewhere between The Replacements and the Velvet Underground with splashes of Big Star and Tom Petty.
Some of the key tracks include “Glitter Girl,” “Darkman” and “Comes the Morning.” Some local Dangers shows are in the works starting in February
2011, and the band in January starts recording its fourth album in as many years for a September 2011 release. “A Little Bit of Light” was produced by Vennum, who has another big release due out in 2011 when his band The BellRays releases “Black Lightning” stateside.
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