Paul Adams Listening Theme 53 - BeBop Jazz


Listening Theme 53 – BeBop Jazz

by Paul Adams on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 1:24pm
Hi all,
Let’s start a new Listening Theme shall we?
I’ve decided that it’s about time I started going back to check out some
sub-genres of the types of music I’ve already covered. One of the ‘big
ones’ was Jazz which I did early on (getting on for two years now). Too
big to do justice in a couple of weeks, but with your help I tried to
listen to as many different styles as I could. Now I’m going back to
concentrate on one particular area – BeBop.
So, it’s
Saturday night, I’ve got an unopened bottle of Jack Daniel’s by my side
(which won’t stay unopened for long) and Spotify fired up ready for the
first suggestion – what shall I listen to?

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  • Michael Dill

    Well you got me here. I know so little about Bee Bop, but let me know what you liked. I’m always open to new experiences with music.

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