40 Forever: Emily and Einstein


Emily and Einstein

I love this silly book:

Lee, Linda F. Emily and Einstein. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2011.

Moments before he is about to break his wife’s heart by telling her he wants a divorce, Sandy Portman gets hit by a car and turns into a dog. His widow Emily, a smart young woman in the publishing industry, is left with nothing because he had already written her out of his will without her knowledge. In the form of a dog, Sandy must help Emily get her life back on track before he is allowed to enter heaven.

This book is loaded with stock characters and it will probably be made into a Lifetime movie. If I were director I’d cast Reese Witherspoon as Emily the young widow, Rob Lowe as Sandy the heartbreaker, Meryl Streep as
Emily’s mean boss, Jane Fonda as Emily’s snobby mother-in-law, Adrian Grenier as the bachelor next door, and Jake as the dog.


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