Paul Adams Listening Theme 55 - Las Vegas

Listening Theme 55 – Las Vegas

by Paul Adams on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 5:13am
Hi all,
Here’s a nice little theme suggested to me by Miss Trixie Martha. She contacted me a week or so back to suggest I listened to songs about (or bands from) LAS VEGAS. A quick Google led to quite a few eligible tracks – more than I expected, and from a wide range of artistes. So, do you know of any Vegas tracks or bands I should try (particularly bands as I can only think of The Killers)?. I’m looking for obscure album tracks so don’t all shout out “Viva Las Vegas”! (although I will be listening to the various versions of that track). Let’s see how long a list we can come up with in a week.
Thanks Trixie, and if anyone else has got an idea for a possible future Listening Theme get in touch – all suggestions will be considered.

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  • Michael Dill

    You’ve probably already figured these out, but here’s a few: Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine – a comedy/novelty act doing covers of hit songs. His version of Welcome To The Jungle is a classic.
    Lon Bronson- super good R&B
    The Cab
    Panic At The Disco
    and let’s not forget Slaughter.

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