Interviews: Alec Baldwin's 10 Criterion Picks

10 Criterion Picks


Sid and Nancy and Gimme Shelter make Alec Baldwins’ list of top ten Criterion releases. Also if you have never seen his number six pick Kurosawa’s High and Low, you may miss what magic the grand Japanese director brought to contemporary tales. Nary a samurai here, but Toshiro Mifune is at is best. Below is Baldwin’s take.¬† ~CL


“Akira Kurosawa made films covered in rich tapestries of Japanese history and charged with terrible violence and drama. Yet here, the contemporary and confined world of a rich industrialist (Toshiro Mifune) who is faced with an overwhelming decision is spare, cold, and objective in the extreme. Hideo Oguni, who worked on seven Kurosawa films, including Seven Samurai, wrote the screenplay based on an Ed McBain novel. Mifune, once again, shows why he is the Japanese Marlon Brando, Edward G. Robinson, and Gregory Peck rolled into one.”

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