LISTEN TO THE BAND: Death of Me... Please Please Please


Mike Wilkerson 2004

Life’s So Hard Make It Softer


One of my favorite collaborations with Mike Wilkerson. He did not live to hear his music on an album but was giddy about the idea of folks hearing this music… a unique, sad and precious voice. – Chris LeRoy


I am thirsty give me water
Life’s so hard make it softer
I am weary need sweet rest
Can I lay down on your mattress?

I am naked give me clothing
I need shelter rain is pouring
I am lonely, long forgotten
Can I lay down?

I am hungry I am starving
I’m a man with no country
I have traveled with the best
Can I sit down for a second?

I need love can you help me?
Lost my doubt through the journey
I have been to hell and back
Can I rest now?

© 2005 Chris LeRoy, Mike Wilkerson & Gary Kjorvestad Published by NEW WEST CRASH MUSIC /ASCAP

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