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As the show was about to start, I had excellent placement on the rail in front of Mr. David, along with Miss Julie, Miss Loretta, and Miss Jan. Miss Julie announced that someone else was to keep track of the set list, as she was tired of getting dirty looks from Mr. David as she would use her FruitBerry to note the songs. So I said I would ward off the dirty looks and use my FruitBerry to track the list. Surpirsingly, Mr. David didn’t shoot me the evil eye or the bird (to the best of my knowledge).

Fashion report: Both Mr. David and Mr. Johnny had the appropriate scruffy facial hair. Not too much, not too little. Both wore spectacles. Mr. Johnny’s were sorta dark tinted. Mr. David’s were his silver rectangular ones, not the blue tinted ones that he likes to use. I was a little disappointed that Mr. David didn’t wear a sweater that Miss Velena purchased for him at TJ Maxx. However, he was sporting a very nice cream-colored cowboy shirt with fancy embroidery on the back. Mr. Johnny was the man in black, which he told me later was on purpose. Not the matching cowboy shirts, just that Mr. Johnny wanted to be all in black similar to Mr. Sal’s trademarked look.

Mr. Johnny played Lucky No. 7. I couldn’t figure out Mr. David’s geetar for the life of me. It had no distinguishing marks on the head stock, but did have a worn spot from strumming as it didn’t have a pick guard. It was a nice blond color electric acoustic. Later Mr. Johnny told me that it was an Ibanez custom, with a sub woofer in the body. So now I know. As the Dynamic Duo started, Miss Julie pointed out to me that there was a smoke machine in use. I thought it was the person near by me that smelled like the P-O-T, but couldn’t say that fo sho and don’t wanna implicate any persons in possibly criminal activity. I’m in Georgia and don’t know what Georgians consider criminal activity.

Setlist with Commentary:

Been Around The World – very awesome geetar face by Mr. Johnny.

St. Cajetan

Hey Bret (You Know What Time It Is) – first appearance of Mr. Johnny’s harp. Mr. David sang with his eyes reverantly closed most of the time. Sorta like the songs were prayers. Some nice soft lowing fills by Mr. Johnny. Lots of boot stomping by both players.

Sunrise In The Land of Milk and Honey – “. . . in boas and feathers . . .” Not boa snakes, which later had to be clarified to Mr. Matt, who was in a tizzy about my attire for Saturday night that includes a boa. Purple will be the color.

Miss Jessica was wished a special happy birthday by Mr. David and Mr. Johnny. It was very neato and she was right on the rail next to me. I do believe she was keeping a set list, too, but using a pen and paper. I don’t think that offends Mr. David as much as a cell phone or FruitBerry.

Sidi Infi – a special treat. Especially for Miss Jan!

A nice count off of 1, 2, 3, 4 leading into Dr. Bernice – I had to Facebook to Miss Christina then. Sorry Mr. David, but that’s her fav-o-rite song. Radio Shack Geek Boy brought me bourbon to quench my thirst. A fantabulous ending to the song.

Euro-Trash Girl – Miss Jan had moved near Mr. Jason to the side of the stage. I witnessed a romantic moment between them. Maybe it was the song that brought it out. Tee hee! After the song, the gal behind me had to yell “Sing the song about the whore!” That cracked me up, because they had just played it.

Friends – some fella yelled out for Been Around The World. He may have been outside smoking the P-O-T at the beginning of the set, so he had missed it. I’m surprised that Mr. David didn’t crack wise at him.

Wedding Day – a scathing, incendiary solo by Mr. Johnny.

Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) – terrible clapper near me. No rhythm at all. At the part where Mr. David sang about being surly, Mr. Johnny played a very nice fill.

San Bernardino Boy – Mr. Johnny borrowed Mr. David’s capo. Some fella said he wondered if they only had one that they shared between the two of them. Mr. David played very good percussion on the body of his geetar, which is apparently the benefit of the internal sub woofer.


Everybody Gets One For Free – Miss Jeny was really getting down to this one. I think from my notes that Mr. David sang “What the fuck do you know,” which was the only F-word I heard by the duo. What a potty mouth. Mr. David played a very excellent solo. Mr. Johnny made a “beep beep” sound wth his geetar during the part about driving a car filled with yams.


Mr. Wrong – Miss Velena came up by the stage near Mr. David. Good harp solo by Mr. Johnny.

A fantabulous set and night of good friends. Met the person that I believe gets the prize for traveling the farthest. He was from Scotland! After the set Mr. Jonathan, Mr. Victor, Mr. Sal, and Mr. Frank arrived. Mr. Frank is sporting a lovely goatee.

Shoportunities: Lots of great t-shirts, stickers, and a Cracker hoodie! Bought my record album earrings right away as I knew from Miss Velena that there were only 20 pairs and that Miss Claire had bought up 7 already. (That hoarder!) By the end of the night most pairs were gone, but Miss Velena said there will be more available on Friday night. Get y’all’s NOW!

Mr. David’s Geetar at 40 Watt Club – 03-01-12

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