Listen To The Band: the dangers COMES A MORNING

Comes A Morning


Comes the morning
On the highway
There’s a low cloud
Drifting our way
The hardest night together
The hardest line that ever
Made it down…
And the wind blows
Across the wasteland
Like the song goes
We got fooled again
And the hardest time’s
The time you leave behind
When your heart knows

Comes the morning
Comes a morning
Every time

You seem paler
Than the moonlight
You seem colder
Than the firelight
The hardest night together
Is the hardest line that I ever
Had to rhyme… CHORUS

In cold night
Late December
I held you
Like an ember
Now I flick this cigarette into the night
I remember
I let it fly… CHORUS

Chris LeRoy © April 27, 2010
Published by New West Crash Music/ASCAP

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