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Here it is finally — the wrap up for Camp-In and the Cracker show that capped off the fun doings in Athens from March 1 – 3. No hatin’ as they say on the streets, but I’m writing this beachside in the sun. Dagnab I need a sun screen for my laptop. This is gonna be lengthy, so hunker down!

Saturday, March 3, 2012, was jam-packed with goings-on and whatnot. I was celebrating my birthday a week early, so it took extra preparation for the day’s events. Miss Jan convinced me that I should not do my usual costume change for the evening, so I pranced around Athens in my low-cut dress, high hair, purple feather boa, and white go go boots all day long. I also was wearing my special Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss in “Trixie.” I’m not being prideful, but I did look H-O-T!

Starting at 3:30 both Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker did signings and a meet and greet at Ted’s Most Best. Before that kicked off Miss Jan, Radio Shack Geek Boy, and I stood outside the 40 Watt Club and listened to a bit of the Cracker sound check. We heard Sweet Thistle Pie with Miss Ansley Stewart and wanted to bust in. Some youngins were there trying to buy tickets, and we told them to go ahead in and see if someone could help them. I got a big tee hee when they came out and declared that there was just a bunch of people jamming and nowhere to buy tickets. Youngins. What do they know?

We then meandered across the street and eventually found Mr. Jason, whose band Mr. Chris Compton and The Ruby Brunettes was gonna kick off the music for the afternoon over at Flicker Theatre and Bar next to the 40 Watt Club. I got to finally meet Mr. Chris (geetar and vocals – songwriter) and Miss Ashleigh (piano) from Mr. Jason’s band. Later I got to meet Miss Catherine (vocals and trombone – I know! – trombone!). It was a very festive atmosphere. It had to be — $1.00 PBRs! I sure got my money’s worth, er, Radio Shack Geek Boy got his money’s worth. I wasn’t payin’ for nothin’ as I was celebrating my birthday.

Meet and Greet Fashion Report: The talk of the event was Miss Claire and her handmade black dress with three edgings of white ribbon. On the ribbon was written lyrics to Cracker songs. She had “one-eyed Malibu” written over her bum. I tee heed over that. Miss Erin looked very chic in a knee-high black skirt with black sequins and nifty boots. Miss Loretta was wearing a very pretty peacock print blouse, and she informed me that peacocks were good luck in many cultures. I also kept admiring Mrs. Richard (Miss Sara), who was very striking and whatnot in her black Jackie O type sunglasses. I met Mr. Richard for the first time. He was sporting a beard and spectacles. Mr. Matt looked very smooth in his freshly pressed shirt, jeans, and black cowboy boots. Mr. G-Money wore his Cheap Trick In Color t-shirt just for me, which was a special honor. Miss Velena was in black (again – I’m gonna put her in some fuchsia pink sometime) and wearing a classy black knit cape. Miss Ashleigh was wearing some really cool rain boots that were black with white polka dots and ribbons along the top. Miss Robin, a/k/a Miss Best Dressed or Princess, looked lovely even before she did her costume change. She doesn’t let up. That title of Best Dressed ain’t gonna be taken by no one no how. Miss Jean Marie must be trying to compete with me for best hair. She has luscious light brunette hair curled very classy like. Not calling attention to myself, but I will, I was quite the hit in my garb. I felt pretty danged hot walking among the University of Georgia students down the street, knowing they were all getting’ a gander of my beauty (tee hee!). I got even more glamorous when Miss Claire gave me a special birthday glittery flower appliqué that I slapped onto my left boob such that it would show up near my purple boa. That Miss Claire and Miss Nancy really know how to dress up a boob.

Band Fashion Report: As for the band members’ fashion, we all done know that Mr. Victor takes the cake every time. Mr. David was very jovial, and I’m sure that he knew I was gonna point out and give props to his trendy black puffer coat. He accessorized it well with his fire engine red pick-em-up truck. (I wonder if he knows her name, but calls her Ginger?) Mr. Sal wore a sport coat. He was very dashing. He had on a polo-type shirt underneath that I believe was navy with thin colored stripes – kinda like the thin colored stripes of Mr. David’s favorite hoodie. Mr. Johnny wore a white long-sleeved shirt with some sorta writing on the left bottom side – probably in a foreign language as he’s very international and whatnot – with a black sorta military coat. I admired the pin on it, thinking it was similar to a pin that a pal of mine brought me back from Russia and wondered if Mr. Vlad gave it to him. Later I found out through the Facebook banter that it was shaped like a bat and that one of Mr. Johnny’s fans gave it to him. Mr. Greg was sorta somber and wore a white long-sleeved shirt. I figured out later that he really just needed a venti (that’s 20 in I-talian!) coffee from Starbucks when I saw him at Flicker later. Mr. Jonathan always is stylish with his cool hair. He looks like a crazed classical violinist that would really rock out in the times of Mozart. I confirmed that Mr. Frank was wearing a 40 Watt Club hat. He does look good in black. I would think he and Miss Velena shop at some sorta store that would be called “Black Out” or somethin’ similar, but I know for a gol darn fact that Forever 21 is Miss V’s fav-o-rite stop for fashion.

As for the rest of the meet and greet, the posters from the event were fantastical. I loved the orange and the lady with butterfly wings. Miss Julie reported to me on Sunday that the poster was inspired by an old postcard from Athens. I was very touched to have Mr. Victor write “To Trixie – The Most Best” on my poster. Mr. Jonathan drew a doodle that gave the lady on the side of the poster an eyeball. Mr. Johnny wrote “To the fabulous Miss T.” Wow! We all milled around afterward and complimented ourselves on how fashionable we were and talked about the Camper Van Beethoven show the night before and the shopping that all had done at the local stores. We then paraded across the street for the beginning of the evening’s music at Flicker.

Flicker Set Reviews: I didn’t take notes, but here is what I recall. I was very impressed by Mr. Chris Compton and The Ruby Brunettes (Mr. Chris, Mr. Jason, Miss Ashleigh, and Miss Catherine). Just because I know Mr. Jason very well doesn’t mean I’d give him a good review. I’m pretty critical. In fact, there are nights that Radio Shack Geek Boy plays geetar gigs and I tell him he stunk it up. (That’s not very often, though.) It was a great mix of electric (Mr. Jason) and acoustic geetar (Mr. Chris), trombone (Miss Catherine), and piano (Miss Ashleigh). I kept watching Miss Ashleigh’s hands as she played and could tell she was a real talented pianist from the curve of her hands and her attack on the keyboard. The harmonies of Mr. Chris and Miss Catherine were very beautiful, and I really liked the song choices. Mr. Jason wore a jaunty hat, the likes of which my sister Florence Jean and I call a “pancake hat.” The room was packed with Crumbs and others and very receptive to the music. Mr. Johnny came to see Mr. Jason play and told me he had to move because he couldn’t see over my high hair. What a compliment! I took it seriously as Mr. Johnny was, as he calls it, “in the business.” Next Mr. Handsome (I mean Mr. Victor) played a solo set with an electric geetar. It was really great, and I feel that I need to get more familiar with Mr. Victor’s solo songs. He told me all songs were originals except for a Mr. Woody Guthrie song. Mr. Johnny played two songs, Lucky and a brand-spankin’ new one from his next solo album called Catholic Girl. That was a special treat. For the topper of the Flicker sets, Mr. Jonathan, Mr. Victor, and Mr. Frank played an improvisational set. I think Mr. Jonathan played a song called “Little Blue Fish,” according to Miss Jeny, but I’m not sure. Mr. Frank really was enjoying himself getting into the improv and whatnot. Before that set I met a new pal Mr. Jason B. who told me Cracker’s Kerosene Hat changed his life. I told that to Mr. Johnny and he said, “It changed my life, too!” We both chuckled over that. I fluttered around the bar and made all the menfolk wear my purple feather boa. I believe that Mr. Matt had the honor of wearing it first. He was still afeared that a real snake was gonna jump outta it and bite or squeeze him to death. I got some good pictures of Mr. Splinter and Mr. G-Money wearing the boa. They are very confident manly men and don’t give a rat’s ass if they are seen in public wearing a purple feather boa. After cavorting with Mr. Mac Daddy and Mr. Lee and others at the bar, we all traipsed over to the 40 Watt for the big finale of Camp-In.

I did enjoy the opening acts, Mr. Clint Maul and Ms. Shonna Tucker. I have to admit I spent most of the time drinking bourbon on the back couch and canoodling with Miss Rebecca so I can’t give a review of their sets. Canoodling. Just checking if y’all menfolk are paying attention. Miss Rebecca and I met Miss Kyra and Miss Brenda on the couch and took a lot of pictures of our boots and hose. Radio Shack Geek Boy feel asleep on the other couch and then complained that he was hungry and left the womenfolk alone while he went out to eat. Apparently that was the trend that night as Mr. Glenn was out and about dining without us, too. We gals got a kick outta that as the men clearly are amateurs at concert festivals. Everybody knows that at Cracker / Camper shows y’all don’t eat unless it’s escarole and pesto at Mr. Matt’s impromptu kitchen. Shoot, the night of the Cracker duo show I ate three tortilla chips, a Cliff bar, and a shot of bourbon before getting to the club, and I was fine. In fact, I think that Mr. Jason and Radio Shack Geek Boy pulled the same “menfolk out to dinner” routine the night of the Camper show, leaving me and Miss Jan at the club while they went to some place everyone was raving about called The Grill (or maybe it was “The Grille” – Athens is pretty fancy and may add random e’s to the end of its places). Miss Rebecca and I wore CVB stickers on our boobs and later Miss Erin gave me another one so I had a matching set of CVB pasties. Actually, they were over our boobs stuck on our dresses. I don’t want any of all y’all to think I ran around Athens topless with CVB pasties on.

Show Review: Please don’t be disappointed, but I didn’t keep a set list or any notes during the show. I was celebrating! Miss Julie kept the set list, and I can make a few comments on that from my recollections and whatnot. What thrilled me was that I was totally awestruck from the moment that Cracker took the stage. It was like the first time I ever saw them play at Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC, with Counting Crows. I couldn’t take my eyes and ears off the band. Such great music! I didn’t get my usual great placement next to Miss Julie on the rail in front of Mr. Johnny, but was three-deep behind her. Miss Jeny, Mr. Ben, Miss Claire, Mr. Splinter, Mr. G-Money and, I believe, Miss Loretta were all around me. I spent most of the show transfixed by Mr. David’s eyes as he took off his spectacles for some of the songs. He had changed shirts from the meet and greet, and I believe was wearing a checked shirt. I also spent a lot of time yelling “WOOOOOOOO!” into Miss Claire’s mobile phone during her concert calls. Sorry about the “Woo!” Miss Jennifer and Mr. Steve, but at least y’all felt like y’all were there. I totally missed the special moment of the playing of Happy Birthday To Me where Miss Julie and I always look at each other, sing “sometimes . . . I wish I were Catholic . . . I don’t know why,” and shrug our shoulders. Rats! At one point some fella yelled out “Satisfy You,” and wouldn’t y’all know Cracker done played it later in the set. Mr. G-Money spilled one of my fresh bourbons so Radio Shack Geek Boy got me another. Note to self: watch y’all’s drink when Mr. G-Money throws down on his air geetar.” At some point during the set Mr. Sal got so worked up that he had to remove his sport coat. Cracker played all of the songs from their debut album, with the exception of Dr. Bernice. I was thinking that the show was specially for them to play the entire debut album, to which Mr. Frank said something to the effect of “Are y’all kiddin’ me Miss Trixie?” except in New York City talk on Thursday night when I first saw him. I guess I had it all wrong. It did make for a spectacular show to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the band and its first record. The only thing that coulda made it more fun was a guest appearance by Mr. Davey wearing a dress. However, the appearance of my purple boa on Mr. Sal’s amp during the encore did make up for it. Plus it was sorta fun to see the boa wrapped around Mr. Sal’s mic stand as the band left the stage following the encore (which was dagnabbed great!). Mr. Sloan got some danged great recordings of this set, as well as others that are on Archive.

Set List with Limited Commentary [Set List Kept by Stenographer Miss Julie]:

One Fine Day – blistering geetar work by Mr. Johnny. Radio Shack Geek Boy commented on that on the way home.

Gimme One More Chance – fantastic work by the rhythm section Mr. Frank and Mr. Sal.

Seven Days (with Miss Ansley Stewart) – Miss Ansley’s first appearance. She really gets down with the tambourine. Much better than Miss Tracy Partridge.

I See the Light (with Miss Ansley Stewart)

Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)

Don’t Fuck Me Up (With Peace and Love)

St. Cajetan – Mr. David asked for some water so he could “pour it on Frank,” which was particularly silly as the song is about wanting a drink of cool water.

Take Me Down to The Infirmary

Shake Some Action

Lonesome Johnny Blues

Euro Trash Girl – according to Mr. Jason the 40 Watt Club dancers were really shakin’ a tail feather to this one. (I’m talking about y’all Miss V and y’all’s cohorts.) It was at this point that I think Mr. Jason fell asleep on the couch by the merch table. I’m not completely sure as I didn’t witness it myself but did view photographic evidence of him slumped on the couch with his head down. Tee hee!

This is Cracker Soul (with Miss Ansley Stewart) – Mr. Johnny was a terrible tease and wouldn’t start the song right away. He did some noodling on the geetar.

Sweet Thistle Pie (with Miss Ansley Stewart)

Mr. Wrong

Happy Birthday to Me

Another Song About The Rain – my favorite from the night. Special thanks to Mr. Chris LeRoy and Mr. Johnny for that gem. Reminded me of the beautiful night at Pi-Town and Campout 7.



Been Around the World (with Mr. Jonathan Segel) – fun to see Mr. Jonathan play geetar with the boys.

Satisfy You

Can I Take My Gun up to Heaven?


Gear Report: Sorry, but nothing new except for Mr. David’s fine slate blue, subtle sparkle SG Gibson. I wonder if he was coerced into buying that at the Chicago Music Exchange?

Post-Show: Many goodbyes. Some people had to leave very early in the a.m. to catch flights. Radio Shack Geek Boy and I skipped the post-show events at y’all-know-whose condo to get back to where we were staying. I was so fantabulous looking that RSGB had me up against the truck and was kissing me and some fella drove by and yelled “Hey look! They’re makin’ out!” I got a huge tee hee outta that one. We arrived back at our condo and found it packed with rock stars. Mr. Chris Compton and the Ruby Brunettes were crashing at the place, so we had some chats and Miss Catherine wore my boa. The next morning Mr. Jason and Radio Shack Boy cooked breakfast, and we entertained our guest Miss Julie. She did attend the post-show doings and reported that Mr. Sal, Mr. Frank, and Mr. Johnny showed up. I done knew they couldn’t go without a bowl or two of Mr. Matt’s escarole. I heard tell that to the best of my source’s knowledge no one ended up in the emergency room or in jail, which my source told any potential jail-goers that if that happened they’d have to call Miss Trixie (“and y’all don’t wanna call Miss Trixie!”). That’s funny, cause y’all would wanna call me if y’all ended up in jail. I always have cash bail money on my person. Y’all can imagine where.

Big thank y’all’s to the bands, especially Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, and to Miss Velena and the 40 Watt Club peeps. Athens was a great town, and we all felt very welcome. I left a trail of purple boa feathers all over town, especially at the 40 Watt. I sure hope that Camp-In does become an annual event. Otherwise the “Inaugural Camp-In” title was a hoax.

Your faithful (but tardy) concert reporter – Trixie Martha

Manly Men!

Bling Rings! Photo by Miss Claire Wilcox.

Mr. G-Money & Me! Photo by Miss Claire Wilcox


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