Paul Adams Listening Theme: CRACKER play the READING FESTIVAL

Listening Theme – CRACKER play the READING FESTIVAL

Hi all,

Here’s a quick little Listen Theme which resulted from a moment of self doubt I had earlier today.

I was using YouTube, looking at Johnny Hickman’s new video “Drunkard’s Epiphany”, when I decided to look up some other videos of Johnny’s band – Cracker. “Let’s see if there’s a video of Cracker performing at the Reading Festival” I thought to myself. I looked and found nothing.

I have vague recollections of seeing them on TV performing at a British music festival back in the early 90s (around the time of Kerosene Hat) and was pretty sure it wasn’t Glastonbury – it must be Reading.

That’s when the doubts set in… Cracker? at the Reading Festival? surely not!

After a quick Google I found this

So how does this lead to a Listening Theme? Looking at the other acts performing in that tent over that weekend (actually, I don’t remember it being a tent on TV, but it was 20 years ago) I realised there are lots of bands here I’ve not heard of before. So I’m going to listen to albums (if any exist) from the bands lined up to play the Sessions Tent over those three days. How many are still rocking, as Cracker are doing, 20 years later?

Any recommendations, recollections and comments would be very welcome.

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