Paul Adams Listening Theme: SCOTLAND


Listening Theme: Scotland

January 27, 2014 at 1:22am

So, we’ve just had Burns Night so it seems only fitting we should have a Scottish Listening Theme. Just recommend an album by a band/singer from Scotland and I’ll take a listen.

Remember I want an album title not just an artiste name!



the small print:

If you’re new to this little project of mine it’s basically an opportunity for me to listen to and discover music and artists I wouldn’t normally listen to by asking my Facebook friends to give me their recommendations (albums, tracks and artists that influenced them maybe). I choose a particular music genre or theme or artiste and listen to just that for a week or two. I’ve discovered some great music over the past couple of years (see my previous notes and you’ll get the idea) and I value any contributions you can make.

If you’ve been tagged, you are under no obligation to take part but if you can spare a couple of minutes to recommend some great albums or tracks I’ll be most grateful and if you’re reading this and not been tagged (nothing personal) please feel free to participate anyway, the more recommendations the better.

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