Morst's Pick of the Week: The Mother Hips

Back from the shop, morst has a pick of the week!

The Mother Hips have been a favorite of mine for a long time, and so it’s great to be able to hear them play live. And I didn’t even have to fly to California to do it! Once again, back at Schuba’s in Chicago, [...]

Morst's Pick of the Week: Shiner!!!


…. -
May 21, 2010


This show, and the acoustic set from the previous day were performed at a private party dubbed Lubestock. If it sounds like a small gig, recorded from up close to the band, then that would be accurate. The sound of the crowd is very present, hooting and hollering and at [...]

Morst’s Pick of the Week: ONE OF THESE DAYS…CVB!

MORST SHARES A PICK: Camper Van Beethoven Live at Northern Lights Theater on 2006-01-20

One of These Days had a timeless quality even in its original form. It remind me of the kind of phrasing and poetry David Lowery brought to songs from the very first cassettes he would pass around to music friends in [...]

Morst's Shared Pick of the Week: LUCKY

From Cracker Live at Bowery Ballroom on
2005-03-22, recorded by a stranger and documents Johnny’s intro about two thefts of Cracker equipment… Johnny puts out this LeRoy/Hickman tune as evidence that all is right with the world if you are lucky enough to play and love music…an honorable thought.


Morst's Pick of the Week: gigglejuice

Morst is resting right now so I pick a track from new gigglejuice album Driving Around In Circles. Kevin Day and Co. are a fun band with good vibe and better tunes. Here is a link to hear I Can See The Future on the SongBook Highway player…..


Here are some giggles right here

Morst's ARCHIVE Pick of the Week: Grateful Dead Does Chuck Berry

March 31, 1991, Grateful Dead played the first show of a two night run at the Greensboro NC Coliseum. This show is the Easter Sunday to the 1991-04-01 April Fools Day Monday. These shows were bfantastically fun, with the Phil Lesh Double Quartet really finding its jazz legs during Round ‘n’ Round. Bruce Hornsby and [...]

Morst's Pick of the Week: Time-Sick Son Of A Grizzly Bear

Back in November, I posted a song from a Mother Hips show when they opened for Backyard Tire Fire at Schuba’s in Chicago. But there were two nights. That’s two shows. That’s two picks. Here comes another. What will it be? In the months between then and now, Mother Hips’ new album Pacific Dust has [...]

Morst's Pick of the Week: Hello Dr. Bernice!


The archive nut/king has been busy. With Cracker Duo on tour, we have more choices than usual for fresh picks. Personally, I attended and recorded the two Wisconsin shows (with a lot of assistance in Milwaukee from my friend Jason of Team Pickle. Which is to say that he actually did most of the

The Milwaukee [...]

MORST Pick of the WEEK: Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother. .

The Cracker Duo of David and Johnny is out touring the US, and they’ve brought out a couple of new (to them) cover songs. David has occasionally been singing “A Very Good Year” ala Frank Sinatra. In response, Johnny brought out a nice slow cover of a little tune made popular by a group of [...]

Morst’s Pick of the Week: CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR


This week in the brain of the Archive King, there is an artist who springs to the top as the one to feature. Miles Nielsen is a guitarist, bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and bandleader. In whatever order you want there. Also, he and his drummer brother Daxx have a famous guitar-player dad – Rick from Cheap [...]