Merry Christmas Crumbs and Crackers: New tune for you!

Merry Christmas Crackers and Crumbs and all in between. We appreciate all of you.

Here is a new wintery song… THE BLIZZARD CHILDREN from Chris

—Johnny Hickman and Chris LeRoy!


Gentle as gentle as new fallen snow
Kiss from their mothers their faces glow
Walking to the schoolhouse, trees in a row

School day’s long, clock moving slow
Winds [...]

Drive Byes: A Hickman/LeRoy Halloween Special blog and podcast

FROM JOHNNY—From one year ago…..
On to my other reason for blogging: I want to thank Chris and Maria for the wonderful podcast regarding the history of my song “Harvest Queen”. A big thank you to Morst too. Well done! I feel compelled to fill in a few blanks though…..the music for the song goes back [...]