Come To Me, BLue* WaGon!

Before THE SPIRIT THAT BRINGS US HERE was a sleepy hotel version of this song. Lisa Nemetz (BLUE WAGON) brings it up to day… great feel and template for the debut BLUE*WAGON album.

I was just a young thing
Had no understanding
Used to lose my head and heart but…
Got up on the [...]

40 Forever: Should I Point @ Outlaws?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Don’t point at outlaws
Langton, Jerry. Showdown: How the Outlaws, Hell Angels and Cops Fought for Control of the Streets. Mississauga, Ont: Wiley, 2010. Print.

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club is one of the oldest and largest riding organizations in the world. It is also one of the most widely feared. “God forgives, Outlaws don’t” [...]


Morst's MUSIC Pick: Cracker @ Music and Maritine Fest!

If I were to tide you over with a fresh Cracker pick, it would have to be something from the Music and Maritime Festival in Duluth MN this past July 15th.

Cracker Live at Music & Maritime Festival on 2011-07-15 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

01. intro 02. Movie Star [...]

Paul Adams Listening Theme Exclusive! THE POWER BALLAD

Listening Theme (Songbook Highway EXCLUSIVE!) – The Power Ballad

Here you go, a Listening Theme just for Songbook Highway visitors. My Listening Theme project usually appears on my Facebook page (and duplicated here) but this time my Facebook friends and regular Listening Theme participants will have to come over to here for a [...]

Trixie's Picks: Hickman and LeRoy SOUTHERN CAL @ Fi-Stock 2011

It is true, Trixie Martha’s FB page IS the hub for Crumb fun….. CL

SongBook Highway Reunion at Fi-Stock

with BigDave, Trixie Martha, Chris LeRoy, Rebecca Hickman and MORST

From The Spirit! CRAWL

From the new album… a pop rock song!


Ever since I fell in love
A feeling that I don’t belong
Ever since that push came shove
A feeling that I can’t hold on
You said “it’s no big deal
To beg and borrow and steal,” for real!

You said I’d never crawl again
Someday I’m walking out on you
You said I’d never crawl [...]

Drive Byes: Ray Davies' Oklahoma USA

You cannot find a more heartfelt and emotionally direct song from Davies than Oklahoma USA.  As I am going over a couple cover songs for my new music with Lisa Nemetz as BLUE * WAGON, I look to Davies (always) to steer me to real, vulnerable characters. The sad wistful woman in OKLAHOMA USA carries [...]

40 Forever: The Tale of David Lowery

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A cumulative tale by David Lowery
Lowery, David. The Palace Guards. Santa Monica, CA: 429 Records, 2011.
Album cover by Michael Wertz.
My favorite song from David Lowery’s solo album is a dreamy waltz called I Sold the Arabs the Moon. What I like so much is that the words sound like the scenes [...]