40 Forever: Zombies in Love

Zombies in Love
This funny music video by my nephew Joseph Anderson features music by his band Bananas, with a guest appearance by the lovely Kayla. My niece Mary Anderson shot the video. She’s a studio art major at NYU. I’m such a proud auntie.

Joe Bananas

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Drive Byes: The Legend of Harvest Queen Revisited

FROM JOHNNY—From more than three years ago…..
On to my other reason for blogging: I want to thank Chris and Maria for the wonderful podcast regarding the history of my song “Harvest Queen”. A big thank you to Morst too. Well done! I feel compelled to fill in a few blanks though…..the music [...]

Paul Adams Listening Theme: CRACKER play the READING FESTIVAL

Listening Theme – CRACKER play the READING FESTIVAL

Hi all,

Here’s a quick little Listen Theme which resulted from a moment of self doubt I had earlier today.

I was using YouTube, looking at Johnny Hickman’s new video “Drunkard’s Epiphany”, when I decided to look up some other videos of Johnny’s band – Cracker. “Let’s [...]


Rolling like the fog into Halloween with this misty, moody VAMPYR from J.S. Le Fanu’s CARMILLA http://www.criterion.com/films/661-vampyr

Also… Read Mark Le Fanu’s essay on the fim ” Vampyr’s Ghost and Demons.”