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Paul Adams
Hi everyone, my name is Paul Adams and Chris has asked me if he
could incorporate my Listening Theme series into this shiny new website
of his.

Let me tell you a bit about this project of mine and how
it all got started. About six months ago I realized I was listening to
the same artists over and over again on my ipod. I thought to myself
‘there’s so much more out there, I could be missing something’.

So at that point I hit on the idea of picking a genre or theme and
listening to that alone for a week. For some reason I chose Glam Rock
(I think I must have heard some on the radio that morning). Now, I
don’t have a huge CD library to hand so I would have to rely on the
internet. Using websites such as Deezer, and YouTube I found
that I could listen to albums online – fantastic!.

Later that day, I was on Facebook and found that one of my Facebook friends was
online (you know, the sort of ‘friend’ you’ve never met and ever likely
too). I opened a chat window and asked her out of the blue what her
favourite Glam Rock albums were. She instantly replied (to this
complete stranger from the other side of the Atlantic) with a couple of

Hmmm, I thought. What if all of my Facebook friends
(many of which are in the music industry) knew of this idea. It would
be a great way of discovering music that I would probably never get to
try. So over the next few months I got them to recommend their
favourite albums in genres such as Jazz, Blues, Country & Folk.
Now, I have starting to concentrate on sub-genres of those styles to
discover even more and this is where you join the story.

Chris is a regular contributor to my list and I have heard some great albums
because of his recommendations. Hopefully you will too.

—Paul Adams (London, Oct 09)