bigDAVE's Video of the Week: Sunrise!

Hello SongBook friends:

Cracker’s Sunrise on the Land of Milk and Honey is still a great listen, as is this video…


April 27, 2009

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the latest Cracker Cd. A new video for “Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey”. More info Directed and Edited [...]

Paul Adams Listening Theme: HAIR METAL

Listening Theme 34 – Hair Metal

Hi all,

In 3 weeks time Nikki and I are going to see Bon Jovi at the O2 in London and I was going to have a hair metal listening theme around that time, but seeing as UK digital radio station Planet Rock are holding a ‘Greatest Hair Metal Band’ poll [...]

40 Forever: Genealogy of a witch

Monday, May 17, 2010

Genealogia de una bruja/ Genealogy of a witch
Genealogia de una bruja/ Genealogy of a witch Tomo I:
La Pequena Bruja & Tomo Ii: Libro De Brujas Y Hechizos/ Vol:i the
Little Witch & Vol:ii Book of Witch and Spells. Luis Vives
Editorial, 2009.

Although I don’t usually like tales of the supernatural, [...]

Morst's Shared Pick of the Week: LUCKY

From Cracker Live at Bowery Ballroom on
2005-03-22, recorded by a stranger and documents Johnny’s intro about two thefts of Cracker equipment… Johnny puts out this LeRoy/Hickman tune as evidence that all is right with the world if you are lucky enough to play and love music…an honorable thought.


40 Forever:Too short or too tall?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Too short or too tall?

Schwartz, John. Short:
Walking Tall When You’re Not Tall at All.
New York: Rb Flash Point, 2010.

New York Times reporter Jon Schwartz pokes holes through studies that claim that short people are disadvantaged, and in doing so, he teaches young readers how to
judge the validity of scientific studies.

Smith, [...]

Paul Adams Listening Theme: RAT PACK!

Listening Theme – Rat Pack/My Way

This week I’m going to listen to albums by the Rat Pack – Frank, Dean and Sammy. On top of that I’m in the mood for another music marathon…

In the way that I listened to 100 different recordings of White Christmas in December I’m going to attempt to listen to [...]

Morst's Pick of the Week: gigglejuice

Morst is resting right now so I pick a track from new gigglejuice album Driving Around In Circles. Kevin Day and Co. are a fun band with good vibe and better tunes. Here is a link to hear I Can See The Future on the SongBook Highway player…..


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