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The Songbook Highway is turning back!

Here are the lyrics to the new album from The Dangers DREAMTIME Find them  below!  Chris LeRoy

SongBook LYRICS Page

Christmas Show December 10!

Lo-Fi Christmas Show coming December 10!


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Citizen Wells

Pete Seeger

Activist singer-songwriter Pete Seeger worked the crowd, worked the world, like no other. He is an American treasure who taught that music is always engagement, nothing less. Goodnight Pete —CL

The Stones: Country Rock’s Greatest Band? —GK Nomeland

I can hear the Eagles’ fans screeching right now. How dare you even think that? Everybody knows that Linda Ronstadt’s one-time backing band is The Country Rock Band. They are certainly the most successful group, that’s for sure. The Eagles’ “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)” is the largest selling hits album in the world. 42 million [...]

The Dangers Live on PE LIVE

40 Forever: Alternative Christmas songs



That’s really super Supergirl
How you saved yourself in seconds flat
And your friends are going to say
That’s really super Supergirl
How you’re changing all the world’s weather
–Supergirl by XTC

Here are three great graphic novel series that feature girl superheroes:

Amelia Rules by Jimmy Gownley

Gownley, Jimmy. Amelia Rules!: Vol. 3. Harrisburg, PA: Renaissance Press, 2006. Print.

I made the mistake [...]

MORST’S PICKS: Number meta 4 (out of order but range free)

Acffh Morst

Morst’s Top 5 countdown of top 5 countdowns!

It’s a meta-countdown.

Number 4 – Top 5 NEW ALBUMS of 2011 – I saw WAY more concerts than I heard new albums, so this is pretty easy

David Lowery – The Palace Guards

Middle Brother – Middle Brother

Dawes- Nothing Is Wrong

Hickman-Dalton Gang- Vol II

Jonathan Segel – Apricot Jam / [...]