Sat up with your picture,
a ghost
and a bottle of pain
The light went weak with the cold,
the blue and the rain
I remember your face when you came to this town
Said never look back and don’t you look down today
Not today
Not today

Well there ain’t no strings I can use to pull it together
It’s just a small dark [...]

Pete Seeger

Activist singer-songwriter Pete Seeger worked the crowd, worked the world, like no other. He is an American treasure who taught that music is always engagement, nothing less. Goodnight Pete —CL

Paul Adams Listening Theme: SCOTLAND

Listening Theme: Scotland

January 27, 2014 at 1:22am

So, we’ve just had Burns Night so it seems only fitting we should have a Scottish Listening Theme. Just recommend an album by a band/singer from Scotland and I’ll take a listen.

Remember I want an album title not just an artiste name!



the small print:

If [...]

The Stones: Country Rock’s Greatest Band? —GK Nomeland

I can hear the Eagles’ fans screeching right now. How dare you even think that? Everybody knows that Linda Ronstadt’s one-time backing band is The Country Rock Band. They are certainly the most successful group, that’s for sure. The Eagles’ “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)” is the largest selling hits album in the world. 42 million [...]