Paul Adams Listening Theme: ROYAL EDITION

Listening Theme – Royal Wedding Special

by Paul Adams on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 5:03am

Hi all,

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice but it’s the ‘Big Day’ tomorrow and seeing as the media is going wedding crazy I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon and have a special Royal [...]

Listen To The Band: I WANT TO LIVE AGAIN!


When you think of the times that were living in
And you think of the minds that have given in
Run like a child
Wild Thing, you gonna break
And you’re not gonna say but you know its true
Someone’s taken the rug out from under you
Too late, don’t wait, holding back a big mistake.

Sixteen [...]

40 Forever: The Beauty Killer

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Beauty Killer

Shop Indie Bookstores
Cain, Chelsea. The Night Season. New York: Minotaur Books, 2011.

Shop Indie Bookstores
Cain, Chelsea. Evil at Heart. New York: Minotaur Books, 2009.

The Beauty Killer series takes place in Portland, Oregon where the elusive serial killer Gretchen Lowell has become a celebrity, mostly because of her good looks. Archie Sheridan [...]

Paul Adams: Listening Theme 56 – Woodstock Festival

Listening Theme 56 – Woodstock Festival

by Paul Adams on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 3:34pm

Hi all,

For the next couple of weeks I’m going to focus on the Woodstock Festival of 1969. The idea being to go through the list of acts (in performance order – starting with Richie Havens and finishing with [...]

Rebecca's Books and Birthdays: HAPPY BIRD DAY

It’s Draw a Picture of a Bird Day!
Here are my two favorite books of bird drawings:

A Nest for Celeste
by Henry Cole is one of my all-time favorite chapter books forchildren. It’s the story of a sweet-natured, courageous mouse named Celeste who befriends a teenage apprentice to the legendary bird artist, John James Audubon. [...]

Paul Adams Listening Theme 55 - Las Vegas

Listening Theme 55 – Las Vegas

by Paul Adams on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 5:13am

Hi all,
Here’s a nice little theme suggested to me by Miss Trixie Martha. She contacted me a week or so back to suggest I listened to songs about (or bands from) LAS VEGAS. A quick Google led to quite a few [...]