Paul Adams Listening Theme 31- Germany

Listening Theme 31 – Germany

Thursday, April
22, 2010 at 8:56am

After an enjoyable week of listening to tracks used by The Kleptones for their double mash-up album Uptime/Downtime it’s over to Eric Kleptone to become my next guest theme-setter (Thanks Eric). His theme, German music: “from Schlager to Krautrock to Techno – oh and The Scorpions [...]

40 Forever: Need a Good Cry?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Need a good cry?
Quindlen, Anna.
Last One: A Novel. New York: Random House, 2010.

Anna Quindlen’s latest novel left me sobbing to the point of gasping for air. For an excellent summary without any spoilers, click here to read Maggie Scarf’s review in the New York Times.

Here’s what the other [...]



If I go out, in the quiet
Like I always do,
The soft trees, try to hide
Like I always do,

Come on night
Sweet night
Sweet angel
Come on night
I’m in the garden
Bring the light

A stones throw,
not far away
Like they always do, friends stay
But they lay down,
Drift away
Are you sleeping?
Can’t you hear me say?

Come on night
Sweet night
Sweet angel
Come on [...]

Big Dave’s Video of The Week: LubeStock

Message from BigDAVE….


April 18, 2010

On April 9th and 10th 2010, Matt and Kelly Lube opened their house up tothe crumb nation, and Lubestock was born!! Here some Video of the best damn family on the planet! The crumb nation lives!!

Paul Adams Listening Theme 30: UPTIME DOWNTIME

Listening Theme 30 – Uptime/Downtime

Something a bit different this week. Instead of the run of the mill ‘you give me your recommendations’ type of Listening Theme, I’m going to give YOU a recommendation for a change.

For several years I’ve been listening to (and loving) the mash-up albums of The Kleptones.

For those of you who are [...]

bigDAVE's Video of the Week: TEEN ANGST STARTS AT HOME

Hello SongBook Blog Readers:

Post Lubestock we need to post another homegrown Cracker video event… This is from the Kessler House Series…Here is Teen Angst…

CL for BD


February 07, 2009

Cracker Live as part of the Kessler House series put on By Janie & Steve Ruemmele. David Lowery and Johnny Hickman getting down in true style! Captured on [...]

40 Forever: Driving In Circles

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Driving around in circles

Here are three great picture books about driving:

Alborough, Jez. Duck
in the Truck. [New York]: HarperCollins Publishers, 2000.

Even though there aren’t any actual human beings in this story, one reviewer criticized it for having a “white, Eurocentric world view.” I say it’s just [...]

40 Forever: R. Crumb and The Bible

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

R.Crumb’s Book of Genesis

Great illustrations, but the text is a bit pedantic and repetitive.

Crumb, R., and Robert Alter. The Book of Genesis. New
York: W.W. Norton, 2009.

You Connect The Dots! April 9th

APRIL 9, 1953 – Warner Brothers premieres the first 3-D film, entitled House of Wax.

APRIL 9, 1970 – Paul McCartney quits the Beatles.

Satisfaction Saturday: The Who > BARGAIN

(Pete Townsend)

I’d gladly lose me to find you
I’d gladly give up all I had
To find you I’d suffer anything and be glad

I’d pay any price just to get you
I’d work all my life and I will
To win you I’d stand naked, stoned and stabbed

I’d call that a bargain
The best I ever had
The best I ever [...]