Paul Adams Listening Theme 30: UPTIME DOWNTIME

Listening Theme 30 – Uptime/Downtime

Something a bit different this week. Instead of the run of the mill ‘you give me your recommendations’ type of Listening Theme, I’m going to give YOU a recommendation for a change.

For several years I’ve been listening to (and loving) the mash-up albums of The Kleptones.

For those of you who are not familiar with mash-ups (including me until recently) it’s where DJs mix different parts of different tracks to create something new – vocals from one song, a bassline from another, guitar solo from another and so on. (I’m no expert and I’m sure DJ Eric Kleptone will put me right).

The latest Kleptones double album ‘Uptime/Downtime’ was released as a FREE download at Midnight (GMT) on 1st January 2010 making it the first album released in this NEW decade (in the UK at least). Uptime is a rocking party mix (featuring the Prodigy, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Nirvana among others) whereas Downtime is the relaxing chill-out part
(Scott Walker, Nick Drake, Neil Young) – great stuff.

Anyway, back to this theme – as I’ve been listening to this album since downloading it I thought I’d take time out to listen to some of the original tracks that Eric Kleptone has ‘borrowed’. There’s a Wikipedia page for the album, listing the samples that fans have spotted. Eric tells me there’s still plenty that hasn’t been spotted yet. ki/Uptime_/_Downtime

So why not download ‘Uptime/Downtime’ (it’s FREE) and give it a listen and maybe try to spot a sample that hasn’t been noted yet. Whilst you’re at it try some of the other Kleptones releases. I heartily recommend 24 Hrs and A Night at the Hip-Hopera (yep, Hip-Hop and Queen!) ages/downloads.html

By the way, Eric has been tagged in this note and I’m sure would welcome any comments. He has also accepted the challenge of being my third guest Listening Theme setter, his theme (wait for it!) will be announced in a week’s time.


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