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End of the year site that celebrates this rich year in music. Crumbs will like it!


Trixie’s Picks: and Jerry’s too: Pop and Profanity

Pop and Profanity on NPR


Listen to the Band: Winter Wonderland download

From Chris LeRoy: Download a peppy version of Winter Wonderland

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Hey Friends: Head over to GoChristmas123 for the season music of Cracker, Johnny Hickman, Chris LeRoy, The BellRays, Gigglejuice and more. Plus Reviews, Pics, Video and Stuff from Rebecca Hickman, Morst, BigDave, Trixie Martha and Paul Adams…


Have a grand Christmas!

-Chris LeRoy

Drive Byes: Trippy Christmas Free Download

Maria Baglien shared this link…


MORST'S PICK of the WEEK: Wedding Day

Johnny Hickman sings one in Duluth. Perkele, I hear you shout. Front row position for this one, the camera is braced on the security fence!

I’ve been fixing up some videos with improved sound from my audio rig… Here’s one now!… MORST

EVENT: Cynthia Linville-A snow of crows

Cynthia Linville’s “A snow of crows” appears in newsreview.com

Go Cynthia!


EVENTS: Christmas Draws Near!

Time for random Christmas pics. Please roast over open fire… CL

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1,2,3… Go Go Christmas: Seasonal fare with friends like Paul Adams, Rebecca Hickman, and the like! ~CL


Go ahead, Santa told you to.

EVENTS: DIANA TURNER features Chris LeRoy on Pipeline Radio

DIANA TURNER features Chris LeRoy on Pipeline Radio

Give a listen!


Pipeline Radio International

How cool can it be to have HAPPY MAN, LAST TRAIN, COMES A MORNING, MOCKINGBIRD, and even my cover of John Prine’s CHRISTMAS IN PRISON all on one radio show from across the pond? Thanks Diana Turner from Pipeline Radio!
London Rocks!!!