Drive Byes: Trippy Christmas Free Download

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DRIVE BYES: Paul Motian Appreciated

Essential jazz drummer Paul Motian was a big reason I found my way back to rock music with a sense of purpose, all via the beautiful and driving music of the Keith Jarrett Trio, and then in free fall to the earlier even more seminal work of the Bill Evan Trio.

Tired of rock by the [...]

Drive Byes: Before and After Meditation

Before and After MEDITATION

What think you?  CL

DRIVE BYES: Why Bob 4 Apples?

Why Do We Bob for Apples on Halloween?
Halloween History & Customs
By David Emery, Guide
SOME SAY the custom of bobbing for apples dates all the way back to pre-Christian Ireland and the festival of Samhain, though there’s little documentary evidence to support this. Apple bobbing also been popularly associated with Pomona, the ancient Roman goddess of fruits, trees, and [...]

Drive Byes: from GLEN CAMPBELL L.A. NOKIA Review by Randall Roberts


“The magic was in the way Campbell, his family, and the crowd, many of whom had grown up with the singer, respected the muse despite its decaying state. How they defiantly, beautifully kept that conduit to the sublime open wide enough to deliver a clear, honest message about both the [...]


Of all the biblical imagery that dots our pop tones, “roll away the stone” has rock flair. Two masterful rock songs, Leon Russell’s and Mott The Hoople’s ROLL AWAY THE STONE, both live up to the solid promise the iconography provides.

Penned by Ian Hunter, Mott’s version portrays the stone [...]

Come To Me, BLue* WaGon!

Before THE SPIRIT THAT BRINGS US HERE was a sleepy hotel version of this song. Lisa Nemetz (BLUE WAGON) brings it up to day… great feel and template for the debut BLUE*WAGON album.

I was just a young thing
Had no understanding
Used to lose my head and heart but…
Got up on the [...]

Drive Byes: Ray Davies' Oklahoma USA

You cannot find a more heartfelt and emotionally direct song from Davies than Oklahoma USA.  As I am going over a couple cover songs for my new music with Lisa Nemetz as BLUE * WAGON, I look to Davies (always) to steer me to real, vulnerable characters. The sad wistful woman in OKLAHOMA USA carries [...]

The Spirit That Brings Us Here: Chris LeRoy Interview with MORST

The Spirit That Brings Us Here
August 2011

Chris LeRoy  Interview with questions provided by morst

The first thing I notice about your new album is that it’s the first one you’ve released under your own name. Will this be your “Hot Rats?”

Hey! I love HOT RATS. Best album cover ever, and did consolidate Zappa [...]

Chris LeRoy: The Spirit That Brings Us Here-Out Now!

CRACKER family singer-songwriter, CHRIS LEROY, debuts ten brave tunes that rattle through rock, pop, and folk territory teaming with devils, angels, cads, and peaceniks, even Eva Braun and John Lennon. Harmonies with (Bucksworth) Lisa Nemetz bring it home.