At Pioneertown, it’s not just about Cracker and Camper for the Archive King. It’s also about the solo sets and other bands that play. Greg, Victor, and Jonathan from CVB always play sets of their solo material too. Last week’s pick was from guitarist Greg Lisher, this week’s is by Jonathan Segel.
Jonathan put out an album two years ago entitled Honey. A little over a year ago, I picked a live version of a track from that album recorded in Pioneertown as my Pick of the Week. Scars from 2008 was my pick in 2008, and Angels from 2009 is my pick from this fine performance.
Segel’s solo work contains a number of songs with fantastic or astonishing subject matter, and this one is no exception. Playing as a power trio with his musical mates Chris Xefos on the bass, and John Hanes on drums, Segel delivers a dynamic and perplexing performance in a roadhouse bar in the high desert of southern California. Pappy and Harriet’s is certainly one of my most favorite place to visit, and I can hardly wait to return.

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