Hi. Morst here. Archive King. I just wanted to let you all in my head a little today. Just so you know, I’m picking from my own perspective. This is how I see the archive for myself, and I let you in on it each week. There’s a lot more out there than what I can even find, but I have a focus, and sometimes it finds me some interesting tidbits. And please remember that for every pick I choose, there are probably a million songs on the LMA that I’m not picking. It shouldn’t be construed as a knock on any other version or song when I select my own choice. I’m sure your mileage may vary on this. In fact, if we all liked the same thing, it would be really hard to find new things to enjoy! OK, so, Backyard Tire Fire decided to adopt a musical costume for their hometown Halloween show. They put on womens’ clothing, and performed the 1978 Rolling Stones album Some Girls. My pick this week is Beast Of Burden, which featured Ed Anderson strutting around the stage with a microphone, while wearing a dress. Ahh, memories! I’m glad I can share them here!!

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