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BigDave has a great extended song and documentary piece from Crackers IRAQ shows… a must see!

Also as The Dangers new album (The Dangers/Blue Album) is on CD Baby, we want to show their rockinginest track, WALKING HIGHWAY 61. Chris LeRoy and Bob Vennum injected the production with that hint of what it is to see The Dangers live…

The Dangers: The Dangers

In DRIVEBYES this Sunday Gary K Nomeland comes back with a look at The Kinks….

Also check out our Categories for a road map to MORST’s MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK, 40 Forever’s next book review, bigDAVES’ VIDEO PICK OF THE WEEK, and Paul Adams Music Theme: Christmas Albums. Getting the new music player up and going and might try some other music down dusty roads here and there. A new section Arie Haze Photo Pick of the Week!!!! is still around the bend… CL

The Songbook Highway is a community site for music, and ideas. Started by music collaborators Chris LeRoy and Johnny Hickman as a myspace page in 2006, the site and community has expanded from fans of Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, and The Dangers to an eclectic group of listeners and thinkers, and bands like The Hoppers, The Black Widows, The BellRays, Bucksworth, McCabe and Mrs. Miller… It goes on!

We all urge you to post your ideas. Talk to us. This is your music and idea community.

Get On The Songbook Highway The road is wide open…

—Chris, Johnny and SuperFriends

Walking Highway 61 LYRICS

2 comments to Welcome To The SongBook Highway!

  • Diana Gosciminski

    Hi Chris – how’s things with you? Looking forward to Christmas.
    I’m not – at the moment head full of cold and have other problems too. I hope you and the family are well yourselves.

    Say hello to Gary Gnomeland for me. How is his book doing?

    Just found your e-mail address (I thought I lost it) so I’ll write to you there.

    All the best

  • Chris LeRoy

    Hello Di… All is fine at the songbook highway! Gary says hello too.

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