Morst’s Pick of the Week: CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR


This week in the brain of the Archive King, there is an artist who springs to the top as the one to feature. Miles Nielsen is a guitarist, bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and bandleader. In whatever order you want there. Also, he and his drummer brother Daxx have a famous guitar-player dad – Rick from Cheap Trick. Miles and Daxx have a band called Harmony Riley which has been around since approximately 1999. Harmony Riley doesn’t play regularly anymore, but they did perform a reunion show at the end of 2009, and Miles gave permission to to host shows from Harmony Riley and Miles’ solo work.

But the pick this week comes from a night that’s been the subject of a pick already, but that was Backyard Tire Fire with Tommy O’Donnell
sitting in. The pick iteself is Miles Nielsen with his band, and Ed Anderson of BTF sitting in. The song is called Lucy, and it features a really nice clarinet solo, which I dig.

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