bigDAVE's Video of the Week: Triple Threat!!!


This week the songbook™ brings to you another rare triple treat for you. First we have for you the Backyard tire fire and their new song “Good to be” from their forthcoming record titled “Good to Be” out feb. 16th … Here is what the Tire Fire have to say about their new video —> “We’re excited to unveil our new video for “Good to Be”. It was created by our unofficial 4th member Scott Tipping and it features our unofficial 6th member, Charlie the Dummy. It also chronicles the simple pleasures of life on the road” the tire fire are long time friends of the crumb nation, and I hope you will like it…….
“Good to Be” by
Backyard tire fire

Next up, We have the sultry sexy cowgirl Lucinda Williams doing her new song (a tribute to Janis Joplin) “Difficult child” Lucinda Williams was invited to perform at the Janis Joplin Tribute show as part of the American Music Masters series presented by the Rock and Roll HOF. The show was held at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, OH. Lucinda wrote this song in memory of Janis Joplin, only finishing it up 10 minutes before she walked on stage, hence the initial pondering of the title of the song. I really dig Lucinda, I hope you do too!!….
“Difficult child”
(A tribute to Janis Joplin) by Lucinda Williams

Last but not least, In honor of St Valentines Day this Sunday, We have our good friend Ike Reilly and “Devils Valentine” check them all out  and have a safe and happy weekend and we’ll see you next time ……
peace bigDAVE™

“Devils Valentine” by Ike Reilly

Thanks for hanging out at the songbook! and have a great
weekend, bigDAVE™

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