Morst's Pick of the Week: Shiner!!!


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May 21, 2010


This show, and the acoustic set from the previous day were performed at a private party dubbed Lubestock. If it sounds like a small gig, recorded from up close to the band, then that would be accurate. The sound of the crowd is very present, hooting and hollering and at times, singing along in complete unison with every word! Yes, you would be hard-pressed to find a tent with a higher yield of hard-core Cracker fans than this.The song selection is really cool here. I suspect that the host of the event got to suggest some rarities, because we get some nice choices. Someday, Reasons To Quit, Hold Of Myself and Ain’t Gonna Suck Itself are pretty darned rare these days. And I would be glad to hear Sick Of Goodbyes, Sweet Magdalena Of My Misfortune or Shiner Song more often than I do!

Shiner Song, of course, depends on the presense of keyboardist Kenny Margolis and his stomach Steinway. Always great to hear Kenny on a recording – he adds a nice touch to everything, and there is some material that the band doesn’t play without him. Like this polka in the Czech language.

Will this rock your stereo system? I don’t really feel that this is the recording to do that. This is a fine document of an unforgettable event which was webcast to an international audience. It’s got a great setlist, but the overall audio experience listening at home is not as slammingly rockin¬© as Cracker can be on a full size concert PA system. On the other hand, it’s very intimate, and the sound gives a great up-close perspective of a show that very few could attend. And Cracker makes that tent sound really good. Guess I’m spoiled, living in the Midwest, where we get to see them play lots of summer festival shows!

See ya there!

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