Rebecca's BOOKS and BIRTHDAYS: January 21

Happy Birthday to Richie Havens!

Yasgur, Abigail, Joseph Lipner, and Barbara Mendes. Max Said Yes!: The Woodstock Story. Los Angeles, Calif: Change the Universe Press, 2009.
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“This book lets the light of Woodstock shine on to a new generation. Every home should have a copy of Max Said Yes! The Woodstock Story.”
Richie Havens
, folk singer, guitarist, performed at Woodstock 1969.

As you probably already know, Richie Havens was the opening performer at the Woodstock Festival in the summer of 1969. Many years later, my mom and I bumped into the legendary musician while we were strolling around the Guilford Green one summer afternoon. I said “hi” and he gave us a HUGE smile and said “hello” back. It was awesome.

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