MORST PICKS!: Cop Night!


The ARCHIVE King that is! ;-)

Sitting here, listening to this all the way through, to check it, and realizing that Chris LeRoy and Johnny Hickman wrote the closing number of Cracker’s “Cop Night” performance, so it must be that time again.

This was the 7th annual Cracker/ camper van beethoven family reunion campout at Pappy & Harriet’s, or as I like to call it – Crampout! The past couple years have included a costume aspect, and on Saturday of the 2011 weekend, the Cop theme was evident in the music. Cracker came screaming out of the station, sirens blaring, so to speak. Charged-up punk stuff gave way to some breathers in the middle of the 2-hour set, but the set was long and rockin’ and ended with Johnny belting out.

What can I say about this fabulous elixir?  THE KING IS BACK!



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