Cynthia Linville has a new poetry book out now!

Here is a quick review:

“And I cannot un-choose you” are the haunting words that open “I Chose You” in Cynthia Linville’s new poetry collection The Lost Thing, covering adventures in lust and longing. Linville shows astonishing insight into the ephemeral nature of lust, one of the sadder aspects of love. Her work about hedonistic heartbreak is timeless and universal. We discover how big the poet’s heart is as she describes the torture of memory and the youthful desire to encompass the world, to know everything, to be everywhere. “Aperture,” a two-line poem, can be applied not only to sex but to all existence. How well she describes the panic of those “Kissed by Venus” – one of her apt titles – as well as [how] “this hot thunder can’t last.”

Patricia Hickerson
Poet and former Penthouse writer

Go to http://www.coldriverpress.org/HTML/lost%20thing.htm and get the full story….


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