Listen To The Band: The Dangers and Chris LeRoy's TEMPEST!


Bob Dylan’s new album. Tempest, is due September 11. Like all Dylan fans I was happy, and intrigued just to see the list of new tracks. This week, while perusing the titles a strange idea grabbed me. I would try to write and record ten songs based on the titles before his album appears in September.  A tribute album before the fact! Madness for sure–I have very little time to complete the new Dangers album. Writing and recording new material appears ridiculous but unavoidable…

the dangers new flowers cover

Luckily one track, NARROW WAY, has come together quick enough for this Dangers album (also due September 11). Last Tuesday night with bouncy Bob Vennum on bass, Brave Brad Vaughn on drums and your humble Chris LeRoy on acoustic guitar, we hammered a wiry live blues tale about Jesus as an outlaw that might make John Fogerty smile and cause Mr. Dylan give us the squinty eye!


There are already 17 Dangers tracks battling for the traditional ten track Danger album, but some of these Tempest pre-inspired recordings may appear as bonus tracks.

—Thanks, Bob!
My inspiration…

1. “Duquesne Whistle”
2. “Soon After Midnight”
3. “Narrow Way”
4. “Long and Wasted Years”
5. “Pay In Blood”
6. “Scarlet Town”
7. “Early Roman Kings”
8. “Tin Angel”
9. “Tempest”
10. “Roll On John”



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