Clawing at the Limits of Cool: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and the Greatest Jazz Collaboration Ever by Salim Washington, and Farah Jasmine Griffin

This 2008 look at the two jazz giants who shaped the music and culture of their times is an examination of the lives of both men, their radically different approach to creativity, and their monumental societal impact.

Miles is usually framed as an aggressive genius, but almost nurturing approach he takes with his quiet understudy John Coltrane, is a different take on Miles that shows his warm appreciation for his key collaborators.

That both men needed to move forward independently to explore their music futures is a given, but the challenge they brought to their unsurpassed band lead to a jazz pinnacle, and makes for a powerful tale of a music and culture in transition, an act of love.

— Chris LeRoy


The Complete Columbia Recordings: Miles Davis & John Coltrane by Miles John Coltrane;Davis (2000) - Box set

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