Halloween Highway

***This week make sure you check out Paul Adams Music Theme: Live Albums. We noticed our friend GAROD has shared Johnny on mandolin solo, bigDAVE’s is out to sea with his new video pick. Come hear some new music tracks all this weekend… PLUS! A new section Arie Haze Photo Pick [...]

Paul Adams' Listening Theme: LIVE ALBUMS

Paul Adams’ Listening Theme

Hi everyone, my name is Paul Adams and Chris has asked me if he could incorporate my Listening Theme series into his Songbook Highway website. The process is simple – help me discover great music by recommending your favorite albums and artists in a given theme. Here’s my latest Listening Theme …

LIVE [...]

bigDAVE'S Video OF The Week

This week we’re going outside the songbook family to bring you Giant
Sand and Victoria Williams in the desert near Pioneertown ca. Victoria
is a veterian of camp out 1 and is a regular in Pioneertown along with
“The Thirft Store Allstars” So here is “WONDER” from 1992, directed by
Laura Levine …….. I hope you enjoy Victoria,and [...]



40 Forever: Car Trouble and Three Quick Picks

LOOK!!! Our weekly book review section exclusive to The Songbook from Rebecca Hickman at 40 Forever…

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Car troubles

My car broke down on my way to work this morning. It started to make an awful
clunking noise, then some sputtering, and then it died–right in front
of a big glitzy gentlemen’s club. Luckily, I was able [...]

Morst The Archive King: Pick of The Week...Trombones

Morst Declares Take My Trombone, Please…

MORST: PICK OF THE WEEK My focus in the fall time tends towards the Pioneertown campout, but I still get to see a good number of shows right here in my home town. The High Noon Saloon in Madison is one of my favorite [...]

Welcome To The SongBook Highway

The Songbook Highway is a community site for music, and ideas. Started by music collaborators Chris LeRoy and Johnny Hickman as a myspace page in 2006, the site and community has expanded from fans of Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, and The Dangers to an eclectic group of listeners and [...]

Dangers Bob and Chris on The Blue Album



Morst, our intrepid SongBook reviewer, archivist, and social butterfly interviews The Dangers’
Bob Vennum and Chris LeRoy on the release of their new album appropriately called…The Dangers.

Morst: What got you together the first time?

Bob: I answered a very colorful ad that Chris or John Hickman hadplaced in a local music [...]

Paul Adams' Listening Theme: OUTLAW COUNTRY

Hi everyone, my name is Paul Adams and Chris has asked me if he
could incorporate my Listening Theme series into this shiny new website
of his. The process is simple. To find more music for my ipod I put up a theme
and you Songbook Highway fans post your recommendations. Here is this week’s theme…

—Paul Adams (London, [...]

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